Beers that sound so good, you can almost taste them

"Relax. The foam settles"

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We're Victoria and Josh and we love craft beer! We also really love the satisfying sound that a can of beer makes when you crack it open. Our Instagram feed is an audiovisual art project where we attempt to find the most interesting craft beers, ciders, and hard seltzers. Then, we open them in front of the camera so you can experience the sound of the "crack and pour" along with us!

- Favorites -

We have enjoyed beers from many great brewers. Here are the top 5 breweries we've opened on our channel! Ranking is based on the number of beers that we've had, and not a rating of quality.

- Merch and Glassware -

Hey, we're working to bring some fun Ears4Beers branded merch soon! Do you want your own e4b logo glassware?Yeah, we're gonna have those! How about some stickers? You bet! Need a hat? Well, get ready to see some sweet lids!